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Welcome…bliss is an ecumenical, multi-cultural retreat house where people are encouraged to share what they know, enrich each other's lives and personally connect face to face with others who desire empowerment and inspiration.The focus is not on any one path but rather on each individual's quest to find inner bliss defined by their own uniqueness. bliss Facilitators offer 90+ FREE classes and guided community outreach opportunities per month. Make your connection at www.blissspiritualco-op.org, click DISCOVER tab to learn more.

There are no membership or class fees so you can try bliss for FREE!


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Class Descriptions...

KNOWING Self awareness exploration, development of talents

STUDYING Scripture studies, inspirational book club

EXPLORING Studies of diverse cultures, universal truths

CENTERING Quieting self, listening to God

MEDITATING Emptying self, deep relaxation skills

CREATING Self-expression through artwork

TASTING Growing, cooking and eating nutritious food

FEELING Yoga, Gyrokensis, and other physical awareness

SHARING Wisdom lessons from mentors and elders

LOVING Blessing self through community outreach

BEING Having fun together

Participants explore various class topics, often paired with hospitality and offered in a cozy retreat environment which includes an art studio, full working kitchen, inspirational library, workout studio, meditation room, organic garden and classroom.

Class topics have included but are not limited to painting/drawing, cooking demonstrations, book club, centering prayer, journaling and dream interpretation workshops, empowerment programs, yoga/pilates/body sculpting/dancing, gardening, Bible Study, sewing, guided meditation, nutrition, weight loss and caregiver support groups, continuum, jewelry design/restyle/repair, cultural immersion classes and guided community outreach opportunities.

The most exciting aspect is that bliss is a co-op and class offerings expand with each new participant's support!

We were on Lowcountry Live February 1st!


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